The 5 best wordPress security plugins

Word press has become tremendously popular over the last couple of years. It's a easy way to start a dynamic PHP page with out knowing how to program in PHP.
This convenience comes at the cost of security. This happens because although wordPress constantly updates their security measures, hackers constantly discover new security holes and once they are discovered they get posted on underground hacker forums.
Almost all the pages that use WP have similarities that act a finger print and let hacker discover these pages in mass. He is now armed with a vulnerability and can use it against these page.

The only other thing standing between the hacker and the full control of your websites are the famous WordPress security plugins.
That is why we are going to talk about our 5 favorite ones. We warn that these plugins are not perfect and do not substitute a full security check by a professional ethical hacker.

1. Ultimate Security Checker

This great little tool checks your site for hundreds of vulnerabilities, it also gives you a security rating. So you can compare one sites security against another and how the security of you site progresses in time.

2. WordPress File Monitor

Sometimes although you have been careful a hacker might have accessed you system.
This is when this neat little plugin comes in play. It acts as IDS (intrusion detection system).
Checking if any files have been modified with out you knowing about it.

3. WP Security Scan

Looking for a complete tool, this might be the one. It scans for vulnerabilities, exploits and just about any thing else you should know about your WP installation.

4. Bulletproof security

This is security tools that is specially good against injection attacks such as SQL injection, XSS (cross site scripting), CSRF (Cross site Request Forgery).
It is a fast alternative to configuring your .htaccess file manually.

5. WP-DB-Backup

It is obvious to almost any websites owner that it is very important to back up your information.
This plugin does exactly that.

Like any automated tools they can't provide perfect protection by themselves and just like any software they become out dated but they are good starting point. For more information consult a Professional Ethical Hacker.

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