FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What do you need to get started?

All we need to get started is a signed authorization letter by the owner of the web site that shall be tested.
48 hours after that we will contact you to agree on the scope and rules of engagement.

For the complete security check we need payment before we start.

Are the pentesters certified?

Yes, all our ethical hackers are certified with the CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers by the EC-Council), SANS, GIAC and Maestro penetration testers by Kyrion.

What standards do you follow?

We follow the OWASP standards.

What do I get once the complete pentest is finished?

You get a custom PDF with the information that our certified ethical hackers where able to extract from you web page or wi-fi connection. The methods used to extract this information and most importantly, detailed instructions on how avoid these attacks.

You also get a security certificate that you can put on your website to show your clients that you really care about their safety.

Does Hacking Solutions fix the security holes that are found?

Our normal pack does not include this service. How ever we can provide these services at a extra cost.

Most of our clients just want a report that they can give their programmer and the possibility to contact us with all their comments, questions and feed back.
In our report we provide a detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to close all the security holes that have been found. That is why most clients do it themselves.

Do I get a 100% safety guarantee?

No, it is not possible to guarantee 100% safety on any web site. Every big web page from Google to CIA has suffered some kind of hacking attack.
Therefore stay away from company that guarantee 100% safety.
All you can do is make your site so safe that a hacker would take a huge amount of time and expertise to hack it and therefore they move on to easier target.

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