Is your web site secure?

You might wonder, what does this mean? It consists in what we call a Pentest ( Web Site Penetration Test ).

To put it very simply we check if there are holes in your web site that a hacker can use to gather your confidential information or of your clients.

If there are holes a hacker might also just destroy your site or distort information on your site.

Damaging seriously your Online reputation and even bankrupt your company.

What are the chances that this might affect you?

The holes that "bad hackers" use to steal your critical information are extremely common.

In fact new vulnerabilities are found every single day. The hacking world in a never ending evolution therefore it is critical to keep up with the security standards.

Hacking Solutions offers you:

  • Experienced professionals will inspect your web site with the most modern tools and latest techniques.
  • We leverage your security holes to extract information. So that you know exactly what information a hacker could steal from you.
  • You get a detailed report with all the security holes and most importantly detailed explanation on how to fix it.
  • You get a certificate badge, you can put on your websites to let your customers know that you truly care about their safety.
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